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Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas

GetCleanLV's cleaning products quickly break down any hard to remove oils and grease from your grout and tile. Deep Extraction Machines using industry grade bristles are than used to dig deep down into grout and clean tile. Machines are taken over the entire area deep cleaning from top to bottom. Cleaning Products and Water are cleaned and dried, then we add the final touches of the cleaning.


We believe in our service so much that we guarantee it. If your home doesn't end up looking exactly how you thought it would, we'll happily come back and clean it again. 

Steam Extraction

Once the dirt and debris have been loosened from your tile and grout, our truck mount extractor applies hot steam and suction to remove the debris. At the same time dirt and oil is removed, 150 degree plus steam is sanitizing your floors. 

Clean & Scrubbing

Over time, finishes can wear down causing stains and dirt to adhere to the tile and settle into the grout. GetCleanLV uses citrus based cleaning solutions to life and remove dirt and oils from your grout and tile. Specialized bristles further loosen contaminants.  Fabulous tile cleaning in Las Vegas !

 Sept 2017 Special : Carpet 3 Rooms and Hallway $99  * Tile/Grout Special Cleaning 60¢ sq ft.  * Air Ducts  $15 per vent * Dryer Vent $99

Our Tile Cleaning Method

Mopping your floor surface with traditional cleaning products spreads soil around your floor surface, removing only what sticks to your mop or cleaning device. Over time the soil that is left behind on your floor darkens your tile and grout. Oils and tars from cooking and streets bind to the grout.

​Restores your floor’s appearance to “like new”.

Removes soil build-up with our no residue technology.
Prevents stains and soiling with our Nano-Tech sealer.
Reduces cleaning up to 50%
Uses eco-Friendly products that protects your home and the environment.

Polish & Sealing

​After your Tile & Grout is cleaned, we can apply a protectant Finish & Polish. Our Polish adds an amazing shine without being slippery. Our Protectant protects your Tile & Grout from staining cause by spills, etc. Easily wipe up any spill after our protectant seals your floor!